“Create with the purpose to inspire so that everything you do provides value.”-AseaMae

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Let’s Work Together 



With over 5 years of content creating, I have had the pleasure of working with brands I love from Sally Beauty, The Mane Choice,  Maybelline and more. If you are interested in sponsoring content here at or including me in your brand campaign, please shoot me an email.



There’s enough space for us both. Collaboration over competition is my mindset. If you have a concrete idea you would like to execute together, or a new launch and or project, feel free to hit me up via email.  


What Brands Are Saying


“Asea Mae is one of our favorite people to work with because she produces great quality content that our followers resonate with and is on brand for us. Aside from creating great content, she is always a pleasure to work with and very understanding. We have loved seeing her growth and success and cannot wait to see where her talents take her”

- Sally Beauty Social Team


Asea is the most prepared, organized, and professional influencer I have ever worked with. She listened carefully to my content plans and went above and beyond my expectations. Her content is suberb and clean! Her video/picture quality is clear, well lit and attractive! She’s amazing! I can’t wait to work with her again!

-Alexis Stanley, Founder/CEO of UniQurl


AseaMae reached out to me in October via my Instagram and asked if we could collaborate, with her showcasing my headwraps. She was very professional in her approach, and clearly set out what she wanted, and what she would do for me in return. Having had a look at her Facebook page and YouTube channel, it was very easy for to me to agree to her request. She kept me informed all the way through and of course the end product was fantastic. It was great to have a professional presentation of my headwraps. 

The best thing about her was her clarity. So many influencers who reach out are vague and don’t really say what they want and what they are prepared to offer, so it’s hard to take them seriously; that definitely was not the case with Asea!

- Tanya Luke, Colourshot 


Recent Campaigns


I’m passionate about removing frustration and obtaining clarity. I’m here to help you save time and money by providing substance and no fluff. If you like SIMPLE breakdowns of complex techniques that is straight to the point, then I’m your girl! I am here to serve you in 3 ways.  

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Group & 1:1 sessions

Are you tired of raggedy looking twist-outs, rod-sets, or hair that’s dry and stagnant in growth? GIRL… Book me for a Master Your Hair Group Session! This live session is limited to 15 seats and will help you learn the proper techniques to EXECUTE a bomb style and achieve your hair goals.  I also offer 1:1 Regimen Building Sessions.



Whether you are an influencer or naturalista, I believe knowledge is power and vital for successful execution of our goals. I have created resources from helping you beast it on Instagram to Regimen Building Guides. Get your hands on my easy to follow resources that will literally remove the frustration from your growth process. 



Has your hair been stuck at the same length for years? You’re thinking your hair just doesn’t grow huh? Well Listen, I have the KEYS to maximize your hair growth and remove frustration from your growth journey! Take my free Masterclass where you get all the F.A.C.T.S. for hair growth so that you can achieve your hair goals in 2019!