LCO vs LOC Method on Natural Hair. Which method is better for 4c hair?

The LCO method stands for Liquid, Cream, Oil whereas LOC is an abbreviation for Liquid, Oil, and Cream. Both methods refer to the sequence you are to apply your hair products to increase moisture retention and ultimately lead to longer hair growth.

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Which Method Is Better for 4c hair?

As a low porosity 4C 4B girl, I have always used the LCO method primarily because I felt that it made no sense to seal the cuticle prior to adding in the cream styler. Most cream stylers add some form of moisture, which I want to penetrate my hair shaft. If my cuticles are sealed then the cream will just sit on top of my hair.


LCO on the Left LOC on the Right

LCO on the Left LOC on the Right


I decided to go against my premise and test both the LCO and LOC method utilizing the same products. I applied the LCO method to the left half of my hair and the LOC method to the right.

For the Liquid I used the As I Am So Much Moisture Hydrating Lotion, the As I Am Twist Defining Cream for the Cream, and The Pure Oils Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Vitamin E Oil.

LCO vs LOC Twist Out using  So Much Moisture ,  Twist Defining Cream , Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, & Vitamin E.

LCO vs LOC Twist Out using So Much Moisture, Twist Defining Cream, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, & Vitamin E.

Initially I noticed no major difference in the look of my hair. The LCO and LOC method sides felt moisturized and had great definition.

Day three was the telling moment! I found that the LOC method side actually had more moisture than the LCO side. I definitely needed to add moisture to the LCO side, but the moisture on the LOC method side lasted FIVE DAYS! That’s super crazy!


For me, the LOC method provided longer lasting moisture with the products that I used. HOWEVER, I’ll still be sticking to the LCO method. Partially out of habit, but also because I feel its necessary to test this more with different product combinations. The LOC method is a great place to start if you are newly natural.


I would recommend comparing both methods in your hair as I did to see which side provides moisture for the longest amount of time. You may find that both methods leave your too heavy or greasy. In this case, you can try using a lighter oil (like argan oil) or removing oil altogether.


Let me know which method is your fave below!

Xo, AseaMae